Prayer of Overseas Workers

Saint Michael, the Archangel I am about to leave my family and the physical and emotional distance affects me.

The physical distance means I will be living in a totally different culture where everything will be new. The emotional distance implies that no longer will I be able to embrace my loved ones when I want to.

You have done special mission for God and you did it confidently, trusting that everything will be alright because our Creator has everything in His hands.

Share with me the same faith. Make this travel a part of my mission here on earth. I have to leave for the good of my family and loved ones. I have to leave to do God's will.

While I am away from them, protect them from dangers. Let them feel my presence through my letters and calls. Make us a strong family even though we are far from one another.

Saint Michael through your intercession, may Jesus be the light of the family and Mary be our Mother too. Amen.
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