Lessons Learned from the Company Men

Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) is living the traditional American dream: a great job as a top sales executive, a beautiful family, shiny Porsche in the garage. He is the type of guy who puts in a round of golf before his morning meeting.

When corporate downsizing leaves him, and co-workers Phil Woodward (Chris Cooper) and Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones) jobless, the three men are forced to re-define their lives as men, husbands and fathers.

Bobby soon finds himself enduring enthusiastic life coaching; a job building houses for his brother-in-law (Kevin Costner) that does not play to his executive skill set, and perhaps — the realization that there is more to life than chasing the bigger, better deal.

What makes this movie more disappointing is that this film was created with a star-studded cast, and well scripted theme that the corporate villains were too heartless and the "topnotch action" heroes too noble as layoff victims. But indeed this is the reality.

By the end, the lessons learned are that corporate greed has victims. There is no such thing as job security - yes, even if the CEO is your best friend. What happened to Phil would not have happened if option B was planned earlier.

"GRADE A: A juicy, timely and terrifically engrossing big-cast movie. The dialogue pings and zings. John Wells is a sensational writer and a real storyteller" -Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"Love your job but don't love your Company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you." -Dr. Abdul Kalam
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